SHIELDS: Helping South Los Angeles Families

By: Cameron P. Lewis, MPA 

SHIELDS published an article in La Opinión news outlet. Its audience is active, involved, and engaged, reaching over 20 million readers monthly worldwide. Also, it is the most-read print newspaper in Spanish in the United States.

Every year, the demographics of Los Angeles County change. We are becoming more diverse, and we are better off for it. Because the demographics of Los Angeles County have changed, agencies serving communities must do so with an approach that is sensitive to cultural diversity.

SHIELDS focuses on public health in South Los Angeles. We believe that all residents, documented or not, deserve health coverage. This coverage must provide access to behavioral health services, services for people with substance use problems, attention to basic health problems and other public health services that will improve the health and well-being of the Latino population in our community.

We Understand the Need for Our Services to be Culturally Sensitive

At SHIELDS for Families, we value the Latino community in South Los Angeles and are focused on helping these families thrive. In addition to understanding the unique cultural needs of South Los Angeles, many of our employees are individuals who have graduated from or completed our programs. Due to our policy of encouraging the hiring of people who are already involved in SHIELDS, we have built an inclusive culture that understands the needs of South Los Angeles. We have invested 30 years in South Los Angeles and will continue to serve the community we are proud of.

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SHIELDS Community Relations Specialist