Family And Child Welfare Services

Our agency began by serving pregnant and parenting women, and with our Family services, this effort continues. Under our family services, we strive to set mothers up
for success while engaging their children in early intervention, prevention, development, and mental health programming. Furthermore, we understand that child abuse
is preventable, and because of this, we partner under county-wide initiatives focused on reducing child abuse and neglect. We provide child welfare services to mothers
and fathers throughout SPA 6. Additionally, we offer behavioral health services to families in our child welfare programs while also provide linkage and resources for
their basic at home needs.

Family Services

Welcome Baby

Welcome Baby program serves pregnant and parenting women and their children ages 0-5. The program is available at no cost to South Los Angeles families who deliver or plan to deliver at one of 3 participating Welcome Baby hospitals, including St. Francis Medical Center, Centinela Hospital, and Martin Luther King Community Hospital.

Home Visitation

Home Visitation program serves at-risk pregnant or parenting women and their children ages 0-5 referred through SHIELDS’ Welcome Baby Program, CalWorks, and other LA County Department Programs. SHIELDS uses models from Healthy Families America® and Parents as Teachers®

Healthy Families America® (HFA)

Healthy Families America® (HFA) is a nationally recognized home visitation program model. HFA targets overburdened families who are at-risk for child abuse, neglect, and other adverse childhood experiences.

Parents as Teachers® (PAT)

Parents as Teachers® is an early childhood parent education and family support program serving families from pregnancy up to the child’s 5th birthday or enrollment in kindergarten.

Healthy Start

Healthy Start program serves pregnant and inter-conceptional women and their children ages 0-18 months who reside in the South Los Angeles community.

Child Development Center

Child Development Centers provide services to children 0-5 years of age who have parents enrolled in a SHIELDS program.

Heros and Sheros

Established in 1991, SHIELDS Heros & Sheros Youth Development Program is a prevention, early intervention, and mental health program for children and adolescents.
Heros & Sheros addresses the high risk of alcohol and drug use of children who have parents with a substance use disorder. Heros and Sheros additionally target at-home
concerns that affect healthy development, by helping children adjust at home and in school, stabilizing family interactions, and empowering youth with skills that prepare them
for college and adulthood.

SHIELDS for Families family programs partner with Baby 2 Baby, LA Best Babies Network, Good+Foundation, and First 5 LA Best Start.

First 5 LA, DPSS Cal Works, LA County Department of Mental Health, and California Home Visitation Program provide funding and support for SHIELDS family services programs
and informational materials. 

Child Welfare Services

ACT (Achieving Change Together) and Partnerships for Families (PFF)

ACT program serves high-risk families referred from the Department of Children and Family Services and pregnant women with risk factors for child maltreatment.

Since 2003, Partnerships for Families (PFF) has combined evidence-based programs and practices with a network of community-based organizations such as SHIELDS. PFF uses Strengthening Families Protective Factors to reduce child abuse risk. PFF targets high risk pregnant women and families with a child Los Angeles County Department of Child and
Family Services (DCFS) has deemed high risk of child abuse or neglect.

Family Preservation

Family Preservation provides family preservation and alternative response services to families at-risk for child abuse and neglect. Since 1992, Family Preservation has served
families referred by DCFS and Probation. Family Preservation works to prevent child abuse and neglect. It works to achieve permanency (through reunification, adoption, and guardianship). Finally, it focuses on improving child development outcomes (physical, emotional, social, educational, cultural, and spiritual).

MAT (Multidisciplinary Assessment Team)

MAT provides services to families and children ages 0-21 involved with the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). Offering a MAT assessment helps identify a child’s
needs that may place their family in danger of long-term separation.


Fatherhood provides fathers and father figures with groups, support, and linkages to SHIELDS services. Fathers learn parenting tools, receive family resources, and develop a
community with other fathers enrolled in the program.

SHIELDS for Families Child Welfare partners with Para Los Niños, Drew Child Development, and the Personal Involvement Center. The LA County Department of Child and Family
Services and the LA County Department of Mental Health provide funding for SHIELDS child welfare services and informational materials.