SHIELDS Jericho Training Center Program Manager, Joseph Paul, is in Tampa FL this week presenting to a group of grantee’s from the Department of Labor that work with youth offenders. The presentation is a discussion on Workforce development services and reentry for “youth offenders” 18-24 years old. He is discussing “The Rules of the Game”, which is an overview of the obligations and responsibilities of the Public and Private employment sectors when evaluating criminal histories in background check for employment. He’s also sharing promising practices that work to create a “felon friendly” referral process for organizations regarding employment services to recently released felons and their respective employment markets. The grantees are from 6 Cities across the country, who all work with offenders, pre and post release, just like our program here at Jericho. It is an honor to have our staff member invited to share the work we do here at SHIELDS and throughout Los Angeles. Shout out to Jericho, Joe Paul and CEO Kathy Icenhower – keep up the great work!