This has been a difficult few weeks and I have struggled with my own emotions and what I should/can do as the CEO of SHIELDS to show our solidarity with those who are standing up to say BLACK LIVES MATTER and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

In the past year, 559 Black men and women have been killed at the hands of the police…..this has to stop…..and I am not saying that all police are bad….but in a racist society we are taught to view others in a negative manner based solely on the color of our skin.
WE HAVE TO STAND TOGETHER TO CHANGE THIS…..and I am encouraging all of you who work at SHIELDS to STAND with me to help create this change.

EVERY DAY AT 12 NOON THIS WEEK, I am asking you to go outside the front door of your facility and stand hand in hand for 559 seconds… for each of the Black Men and Women who are no longer with us. Make signs and take them with you to express your feelings: ‪#‎enough ‪#‎blacklivesmatter‬ ‪#‎nojusticenopeace‬. Stand holding hands in a line demonstrating our solidarity. Invite our families, our neighbors, our partners to join with us….spread the word…..let’s create a change…… individuals…we can make a difference if we work together to create a future where I don’t have to be afraid that my child….my grandsons….will not come home one night just because they are Black.

Thank you…..