The families we serve face complex challenges in life, none of which can be addressed without focusing on their basic needs. In our program, 95% of families live below the federal poverty level, making food, clothing and shelter luxuries they struggle to afford. We offer immediate relief to struggling families. The road to self-sufficiency is never easy, so SHIELDS stands by parents to ensure they have what they need to create nurturing homes for their children. Each day, we see families make heroic strides toward success, and we are proud to be a part of their journey.  

Family Standing with House's "For Sale" SignHousing, transportation and food services: SHIELDS’ Supportive Housing services consist of 107 units of low-income housing for families enrolled in SHIELDS services. Residents receive substance abuse and mental health services, intensive case management, vocational support and life-skills training; making it much more than a home. Meeting a critical need in the community, each housing complex consistently runs at full capacity. Our Transportation Department utilizes a fleet of 20 vans to transport families to SHIELDS programs and other needed services in the community. In addition, we operate a Food Bank and provide hot food, dry and canned food, and motel vouchers to families in need.


Vocational and Educational Services: SHIELDS’ Jericho Vocational Services Center helps families acquire the skills they need to become employable and independent of government assistance. Our vocational and educational services assist clients in completing their high school diplomas and include computer training, job readiness, and certificated training programs, as well as job placement. Since 1996, more than 450 SHIELDS clients have received high school diplomas. Also, we have provided computer literacy classes to more than 800 clients and found employment for more than 700 individuals in jobs paying above minimum wage, with an average salary of $10 to $12 per hour. Clients can choose among several job-training programs that provide certifications: fiber-optic technology, business office communications, medical billing, and medical coding.