Criminal Justice Substance Use Disorder Treatment

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SHIELDS’ Criminal Justice Substance Use Disorder Treatment programs provide treatment, recovery, and supportive services to individuals who are ordered to participate in diversion programs by the criminal justice or child welfare systems.
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Family in Their SUV

SHIELDS’ Criminal Justice Substance Use Disorder Treatment programs provide services that address the needs of families affected by substance abuse, domestic violence and court intervention. Our programs provide treatment, recovery, and supportive services to individuals who are ordered to participate in diversion programs by the criminal justice or child welfare systems.


SHIELDS’ Place of Family program is one of the largest DUI and Domestic Violence facilities in Los Angeles County.  Place of Family is an approved L.A. County Probation Domestic Violence Batterers Program, and provides bilingual (English/Spanish) DUI, domestic violence, and anger management services for both men and women.  Referrals are accepted from the Los Angeles Superior and Municipal Courts, Juvenile Dependency Court, the Los Angeles County Probation Department, the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), the California Department of Corrections and out-of- state entities.

SHIELDS’ Compton Drug Court program has been specifically designed and staffed to supervise Compton Superior Court referred felon drug defendants through monitored drug treatment and rehabilitation services, though we also receive referrals from DCFS, GR, Probation and Parole. Eligible Compton Superior Court referrals must have been arrested for a non-violent felony, a misdemeanor drug related charge or being under the influence of drugs.

SHIELDS’ Community Collaborative Court program is a collaboration with the Los Angeles Superior Court to address cases with issues including: veterans’ issues, mental illness, homelessness, substance abuse and transition-aged at-risk youth (TAY).  These life-changing programs involve active judicial monitoring and a team approach to decision making, and include the participation of a variety of different agencies. All Community Collaborative Court participants are also eligible for residential treatment services.

Services Provided
SHIELDS’ Criminal Justice Substance Use Disorder Treatment programs  address substance use disorders and strengthen families through comprehensive and collaborative services including comprehensive case management, individual, group, and family counseling, educational and vocational services, life skills classes, drug and alcohol education, child development and parenting, and urinalysis testing.

SHIELDS’ Place of Family program provides extensive DUI services that address all eight DUI citations that satisfy the Court, DMV, Parole and Probation including our PC 1000 Program Deferred Entry of Judgment which expunges the original charge of drug offenders who successfully complete applicable classes and remain arrest free.

Place of Family also provides the Domestic Violence Batterers Program that offers bilingual (English/Spanish) classes for both men and women. It consists of 52 weeks of educational therapy and is approved and monitored by Los Angeles County Probation to ensure quality of treatment and eliminate abusive and violent behavior. In addition, Place of Family offers the court approved 26 week Anger Management class to DCFS, LA Municipal Court and LA County Probation referrals.

SHIELDS’ Compton Drug Court program provides primary treatment services in a three phase system, decreasing in duration depending upon the assessed severity of the participants’ needs. In Phase I, the client participates five days a week with daily drug testing for approximately two to three months. In Phase II the client participates four days a week with daily testing for approximately seven to eight months. In Phase II the clients participates two days per week with drug testing two to three times per week and begins after care services for approximately two months.

Participants in the Community Collaborative Court are linked to SHIELDS’ services,  including additional substance use and mental health treatment  programs at SHIELDS and other community-based providers, as well as linkage to our collaborative networks that provide housing, food, clothing, and transportation for those in need.

Community Partnerships

SHIELDS’ Compton Drug Court and Community Collaborative Court programs are made possible through the cooperation, efforts and resources of many of the Court’s justice partners including the Los Angeles County District Attorney, Public Defender, Alternate Public Defender, Sheriff, and Probation Department; the County’s Department of Mental Health, Department of Health Services, Department of Veterans Affairs, and the Board of Supervisors; the Los Angeles City Attorney and the Los Angeles Police Department, as well as other participating police agencies; and community service providers and other service groups.

Services and supports for vocational and educational training and job development activities are provided in partnership with the Compton Regional Job Training Center, Compton Adult School, Jordan-Locke Community Adult School, Maxine Waters Employment Preparation Center, Los Angeles Trade Technical College, and Harbor College.

Accomplishments and Recognition

  • Services provided at Place of Family are available to all members of the community.
  • Place of Family is one of the more affordable DUI/DV program in Los Angeles County due to our sliding scale /fee for service rates.
  • Place of Family is also a DCFS drug testing site.
  • SHIELDS Drug Court program has maintained about a 70% completion rate since inception, more than three times the national average
  • SHIELDS Drug Court program provides services in the day and evening hours making accessibility easier for participants
  • Bilingual advocates are also provided to assist in the needs of ESL participants
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