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Jericho Training Center
The Jericho Training Center provides comprehensive vocational, educational and support services to ex-offenders returning to the community.
3221 North Alameda St. | Suites J & K
Compton / CA 90222
ph 310.424.3305 | fx 310.424.3309
TTD/TTY (English) 800.735.2922 | TTD/TTY (Spanish) 800.855.3000

The Jericho Training Center (JTC) utilizes a "one-stop" model for providing supportive services, vocational and educational training, mentoring, case management and linkage services to enhance the possibility of successful outcomes for ex-offenders.

Working with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, California Department of Corrections, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office, and the Los Angeles County Probation Department to identify potential program participants, the overall goal of the program is to provide a continuum of services that will assist individuals re-entering the community in securing and maintaining employment, establishing above-average earnings, and avoiding recidivism.

The Jericho Training Center (JTC) offers an array of services including job readiness, job placement, job clubs, case management and support groups to help participants explore the labor market and establish relationships with staff and peers. The JTC also provides vocational training through partner agencies focusing on high need job areas that enable participates to earn above average earnings. This includes training in the telecommunications industry, specifically fiberoptics technology. On-site educational opportunities are also available for basic and high school education and computer training.

The JTC mentoring component provides participants with friends and regular contacts for practical and beneficial support in both one-on-one and group settings.

In addition, the JTC provides substance abuse and mental health treatment to participants through SHIELDS programs, as well as linkage to our collaborative networks that provide supportive services, including housing, for those in need.

The target population for the JTC is felony offenders that are within six months of release or have been released within the past six months from any Federal, State, or County criminal justice facility. In addition, they must:

  • Agree to participate in program services
  • Agree to abide by program rules  


Program Goals

  • Ensure participants develop the skills necessary for employment.
  • Ensure participants obtain the support services needed.
  • Assist participants in becoming employed and remaining employed.
  • Place participants in jobs paying above-average wages.



The Jericho Training Center is funded in part by a grant from the Federal Department of Labor and the United Way of Los Angeles.


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